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Before & After Mixes

In these tracks I alternate between the composer's rough mix and my mix. You may hear a slight glitch as I alternate between mixes. I point out a few things below in what I'm hearing happen between the two mixes to help you focus in on the changes.

1) The Cloud Drifter - Much more clarity, easier to hear the subtle arp and perc. Drums have much more weight and power. Fast strings are more clear and pronounced, adding that urgency. You can really hear the life I was able to add to these sample strings, not only clarity and top end air but also extend the low end out, with monstrous drums and sub hits that just make this track sound HUGE.


2) Tides - Added tons of “air” to the strings (and not harshness) . Sus strings have more life and dynamics. Drum loops feel more “alive” with compression, saturation, and automation.


3) East of the Himalayas - You can hear the width of the image open up and push back back from being more mono, flat, and "in your face". You can also hear a lot of clarity and energy I got from the drums


4) Tales of Patagonia - Synth bass has more more body, low-end, and energy. Solo cello feels more alive and lush. The sus strings have more of a sweeping feel with the automation I added. The string breakdown section has much more excitement, drums are clearer and more punchy.


5) Architect of Dreams - You can hear all the elements feel like they're part of the same mix as opposed to just layered on top of each other. The stac strings are wider, clearer, and more pronounced in my mix. The Drum kit is more cohesive and live feeling.


6) Aurora Borealis - I added some “shimmer” to the pads for excitement. Again, you can hear the clarity and sonic image open up. I was able to get all the elements of the orchestra; sus strings, fast strings, and brass to have a place and be heard.


7) Mist of Meadows - More clarity and air on the piano in the opening, but also on the mix overall. More life to the drums and perc. Again, all the elements are cohesive together, not isolated samples layered together. The image opens up nicely and has depth.


8) The Goddess of Shangri-La - Tons of depth and life that you can hear from the get-go, as well as losing that distracting low mid resonating frequency. Drums have loads of clarity without being harsh or overly bright. Synth bass in the choruses doesn’t get in the way like the rough mix, but still adds energy.


9) Woods of the Winter Isle - Difference is subtle at first. mostly just clarity and space added. Drums have much more life and energy. Strings are wider and more life-like.


10) Metamorphosis - The drums are just way more bad ass!

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